Lucidware is a technology startup that aims to expand the functionality of wearables. The company’s current project, Reach, is a glove and armband system that captures motion data and recognizes gestures. These data inputs can then be used to empower a variety of applications.

Check out a quick demonstration of the capabilities of Reach!


Our Progress

  • Designing

    November 2014

  • Coding

    January 2015

  • Building

    January 2015

  • V1 "Claw"


  • Reengineering

    March 2015

  • V2 "Talon"


  • Today



A Comfortable Wearable Device...

Our first wearable device, “Reach,” was built for the everyday hacker. Reach is being designed for you to interface with computers, light machinery, and the virtual world in ways that you never thought were possible. But perhaps most importantly, Reach is a comfortable addition to whatever system you’re building.

...Providing A Simply Superior Solution

Our competitors are focused on developing motion-tracking tools, but their solutions are limited in scope. Because our competitors are reliant on cameras for data collection, they can’t provide the accuracy or reliability of our product, Reach.

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